IMOS is the enterprise software solution that transforms a constant flow of data into a strategic advantage.

Accelerate smart decisions at every stage of a voyage, from evaluating opportunities and fixing contracts to closing your books. Our integrated core solution consists of three modules: Chartering, Operations, and Financials. Additional IMOS modules can be easily added to meet your specific business needs.

Because IMOS is highly visual and intuitive, your team can quickly see the implications of your data, spot opportunities, map choices, and better leverage business intelligence.

Sophisticated analytics and reporting tools are an integral part of IMOS, with over 500 reports built in. The IMOS Report Designer allows you to further customize reports to mirror your specific business processes, requirements, and workflow.


IMOS Chartering

Compare a variety of “what if” situations, identify opportunities, establish contracts and match cargo. Your essential contract information will flow directly into Operations and Financials for seamless voyage management. read more >



IMOS Operations

Monitor every aspect of your voyage in real time, drill down to understand the latest voyage details, see a snapshot of voyage P&L, measure voyage performance against initial benchmark estimates, and accomplish many other tasks. read more >



IMOS Financials

Data is entered once and flows through the entire IMOS system – no need for double entry. Automate complex accrual accounting tasks, realize revenue and close your books up to 4X faster. read more >

Business Specific IMOS Modules

BargingBunker Management, Cargo Matching, DemurrageLighteringLNGPooling, Trading, and Reporting Database address the needs of specific industry segments.