Make more informed decisions. Simplify everyday operations. Maximize profits.

Built around the way people work, IMOS drives the workflow, rather than simply acting as a repository for information. The combination of front to back openness, completeness of information, and automation of routine tasks frees everyone in your organization to focus on the most important aspects of your business.

Core modules for Chartering, Operations, and Financials capture data and share it with your accounting and administrative systems for a single, integrated view. Add on modules further support business processes or improve performance in specific areas.

Our clients realize top-line revenue growth from better route planning, cargo matching, and chartering decisions; bottom-line savings from increased operator productivity and higher fleet utilization; and improved working capital turnover through automated invoicing and streamlined interaction between chartering, operations, accounting, and trading.

IMOS: A complete solution

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Chartering Trading Financials Operations Planning Bunker Management Demurrage Pooling
Accounting Interface
By looking at a variety of “what if” scenarios you can make more strategic and profitable charting decisions. Essential contract info is fed to other modules.
An up-to-the-minute view of your physical, paper, and net exposure allows you to understand and manage risk.
Automates the accrual accounting process so you can quickly close voyages and realize revenue.
Real-time monitoring of vessel and fleet status allows you to see voyage details, evaluate choices, and manage your entire operation in a constantly changing environment.
Matches cargoes to ships with drag-and-drop convenience so you can maximize fleet utilization. Create budgets and what if scenarios at a fleet level.
Automates workflow so bunker specialists can plan more effectively and protect P&L.
Automates data flow between your operations and demurrage departments to capture every rebill opportunity.
A sophisticated algorithm automatically calculates accruals. Quickly track pool activities and allocate profit and loss to partners.
Seamlessly integrates communication between IMOS and major accounting programs.
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The Data Center

The security underpinning of IMOS

IMOS employs a multi-tiered approach to protecting data and preventing unauthorized access to information. Rights are defined for individual users and groups of users, and may be assigned by module or by specific criteria such as vessels, companies, datasets, and pools.  read more >

“We chose Veson Nautical because we felt IMOS would help us make better business decisions. Veson Nautical’s long term commitment, thoughtful approach to installation and ‘hands on’ training methods are similar to ours and were important.”

— Valerie Cordemans, Fednav Ltd, clients since 2008